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Surgery Abroad and Post care in the UK

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Thinking about travelling abroad for a surgery?

Let us guide You on Your Journey!

Thinking about travelling abroad for a surgery?

Let us guide You on Your Journey!

Thinking about travelling abroad for a surgery?


At Surgical Group  we offer all-inclusive plastic surgery packages at an affordable price. Besides our cosmetic surgeries, Surgical Group provides numerous services such as Accommodation and VIP Transportation. Surgical Group  all-inclusive cosmetic surgery package prices are much cheaper than in the UK. As the foremost cosmetic surgery clinic, Surgical Group provides its patients with life-altering, fulfilling results. The UK’s leading medical tourism company Surgical Group welcomes hundreds of patients from all over the globe, primarily from the UK, to different destination for plastic surgery.

Surgical Group offers numerous plastic surgeries for people searching for cosmetic surgeries. The most popular procedures are Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, and Gynecomastia. Patients can trust Surgical Group to change their lives for the better. Surgical Group transforms the life of its patients with incredible results- for much more reasonable prices than cosmetic surgery offered in the UK.

Surgical Group is always here for you, both during your stay abroad and in the UK. You can visit Surgical Group London office for any consultation or aftercare services, or contact our consultation and aftercare specialists via Whatsapp. Our Aftercare specialists will be there for you during your recovery period, and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you have any further questions about cosmetic surgeries, or would like some more info, you can contact us!

How do We Work?

Step 01

Patients contact us about their procedure of interest, and a patient advisor will give them a call back to provide further details about our packages.

Step 02

Our patient advisor will arrange a consultation with the doctor for our patients and then create a customized treatment plan with different package options that works for all budgets.

Step 03

Once our patients agree the package, the necessary journey organization is set by the surgical board and patient advisor on behalf of the patient

Step 04

Flying to Your chosen destination after surgical journey has been arranged.

Step 05

The next day, you will have your face-to-face consultation with your surgeon. After your pre-operative test results, it is surgery time! We will be there once you are out of surgery.

Step 06

Your Post-Operative Consultation is assisted by us. You might have one or two consultations depending on your case.

Step 07

Flying back home and our aftercare department takes over your file. You will be contacted regularly by our team to monitor your healing process and answer any question you have in mind!

Why choose us?

Quality In Results Is Our Prime Concern!

Our immediate assistance and hands-on team members are always ready to give you the best results! The team of Surgical Group n not only does it swiftly but also our results are 100% trustworthy and reliable by all Specialist doctors and Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeons.

Experienced and Highly Qualified Surgeons On-board

Surgical Group has a group of highly qualified plastic and reconstruction surgeons, experienced anaesthetists and highly qualified medical and non-medical staff with years of experience. Choosing us all Surgical Group will not only give you the answers to your questions about all exposure but also make sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout your journey and post operative recovery. 

All booking abroad is inclusive to following

Consultation In the UK


Hospital Arrangement

Transfers with VIP Car

International Patient Host

Post Op abroad

Post Op in the UK

Tel :  0208 064 0968

Whatsapp : 07501154932

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